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Q.  Who takes care of the backyards

A.  Tenants are responsible to water and take care of their own backyards.  The sprinklers have a timer system to make the watering automated.  In the Fall we will come by and blow out the sprinkler lines so they are ready for winter.  

Q.  Trash

A.  There is a common trash area that is paid with your water bill with the city of Durango.  Place all trash within the dumpster.  Please do not over fill.  The dumpster is unloaded several  times a week.  Do not leave trash outside of your unit.  We live in Durango and Durango has bears, mountain lions, raccoons,  skunks and other wild or domestic  animals that would be attracted by such trash left outside.  Also keeping  your outside grills cleaned up after each use will reduce the chance of wildlife being attracted to your unit.

Q. Gas leak

A.  Call Atmos Energy GAS EMERGENCY at 866-322-8667

When is rent due and past due charges

Snow Removal,

Visitors, parking, Neighbors


Pet Deposit

Terms of Lease

Bus Service

Schools, links to 9R, Animas High

Location - See map on Home Page


Hours to Call

What is an emergency


Gas   – Atmos Energy 888-286-6700

Electric  – LPEA 247-5786 45 Stewart Street, Durango

Water   – City of Durango Water Dept 375-4800 1235 Camino Del Rio

Sewer  – is included with the city of Durango water billing

Trash   – is included with the city of Durango water billing

Telephone  – Qwest 800-244-1111

- See bresnan below   

Cable TV  – Bresnan 877-273-7626 143 E 15th, Durango

Satellite TV  - get permission first on install and placement of Dish

Internet - Bresnan, Qwest, Brainstorm and others

Mail   -on site, you get a mailbox key at move in, Post Office 247-3434  222 W 8th street, Durango

Bus Service in Durango -